Patient Resources


Jump Starting a Slimmer Lifestyle with the new Liposelection Technique

The skinny on liposuction is that it can change much more than your figure; it can change your whole outlook.  “People are using liposuction to jumpstart a healthy new lifestyle,” says Anthony Griffin, MD, FACS.  “After the procedure, their self-esteem goes up and they are motivated to stay slim and fit. They feel better about…. read more

The Era of Ethnically Correct Plastic Surgery

The rest of the world appears to be learning what Dr. Anthony Griffin and his patients already know: You don’t have to match the traditional beauty ideals anymore. You can make yourself more beautiful while preserving your ethnic identity. Minorities are discovering that they don’t have to have a Roman nose or a flat figure…. read more

Lets Talk About Men

Ever the competitors, men are finally facing the reality we women have known for so long: to make it to the top you must present a complete polished image including your physical attributes. As a means to this end, men are choosing the ultimate in polish — a nip and tuck from the plastic surgeon’s…. read more

What are Dermal Fillers?

Unwelcome lines and wrinkles from diminished collagen layers can be injected with fillers under the surface of the skin temporarily restoring a smoother more youthful appearance. These products injected into the dermis of the skin are called “dermal fillers.” What is Collagen? Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found throughout…. read more

Traveling from out-of-town? Recover in Style

Surgery, however, can be a scary option when you don’t know what to do with yourself afterwards. Dr. Griffin offers state-of-the-art after-care facility to provide a safe, clean and comfortable place to recover from your surgery. We can provide our patients with unmatched nurturing and personalized settings that invite you to recover without worry. Perfect…. read more

What is the Brazilian Butt-Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift provides otherwise flat-bottomed people curves through careful preparation and injection techniques making curves normally only seen on the world’s most glamorous beaches. “The key is what you take away,” says Dr. Griffin. “There is often fatty tissue sitting around the hip and lower spine. Part of the Brazilian But Lift procedure…. read more