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Lets Talk About Men

Ever the competitors, men are finally facing the reality we women have known for so long: to make it to the top you must present a complete polished image including your physical attributes.

As a means to this end, men are choosing the ultimate in polish — a nip and tuck from the plastic surgeon’s hand.  Men seem to be embracing what women have been readily sharing for years:  their experiences and discoveries about the rejuvenation that can be achieved by safe and reliable modern plastic surgery.

Men may be hesitant to talk about cosmetic surgery but recently released statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicate men are finally feeling the pressure to compete in today’s youth-oriented society in general and the young workforce in particular.  They are increasingly signing up for cosmetic improvement procedures.

By far the most popular procedure requested and performed is liposculpture, which accounts for 90% of the procedures performed on men.  A man who is fit may consider a bit of liposuction on stubborn love handles to achieve the polished and balanced physique that otherwise refuses to respond to gym workouts.

Eyelid procedures are also a very popular way of refreshing looks and restoring the competitive edge.  Small adjustments to facial procedures adapt them to suit the male client, and advancement in laser hair removal and skin care for men means the ‘man in the magazine’ has some serious competition from the newly rejuvenated average Joe!

Men are taking advantage of the surgical and skin care advances that can help them hold back time, they just don’t talk about it as much.

We encourage women to talk to their men candidly about options in this area. They may be thinking of improving their looks, and just need a little nudging to open up about their real desires.

We also ask men not to be shy and to ask us any questions about cosmetic surgery and body sculpting. After all, you are not hesitant to use other business and personal advantages, and your looks should be your leading edge. It’s long been proven that good-looking people get more breaks in life. Isn’t it time you got yours?