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Dr. Anthony Griffin’s website gets an Extreme Makeover!

Dr. Anthony Griffin, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, invites you to check out his new website, We have given our website an extreme makeover!

Yes, that is a pun since Dr. Griffin was an Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgeon. The fact is that everything ages including website information and appearance. We wanted our website to reflect the beauty and artistic vision that Dr. Griffin offers, results that look natural and refreshed.

We think our new site is prettier and easier to navigate. And, it’s mobile friendly!

For years the traditional ideal of beauty was limited and ignored ethnic beauty. Dr. Griffin knew then, as now, that you don’t have to match the traditional ideal to be beautiful. Beauty is beauty regardless. Dr. Griffin has even developed new techniques to address the needs of darker skin, which is thicker and more fragile. Now everyone can enjoy the results of cosmetic surgery without concern for ugly scars.

We think our new site highlights what’s most important to you and our community. Like Dr. Griffin’s signature procedures:

  • The “No-tell Nose Job™” is nose surgery without a trace. A nose job that looks as natural as if you were born with it.
  • The “Brazilian Butt Lift™” that lifts, balances and enhances the buttocks and the figure, and improves self-confidence
  • Awake Liposuction to sculpt and contour the body with only sedatives and local anesthetic. It safe and cost efficient with reduced procedure time, and quicker recovery.
  • Breast augmentation that creates a physical result that equals your anticipated body image, to improve self-esteem and quality of life.
  • The “Six-pack Tummy Tuck™” great for people who desire fab abs, not flab.

Dr. Griffin offers his services to men and women, of all ethnicities. Dr. Griffin has developed cosmetic surgery procedures and techniques to minimize or eliminate scarring. He wrote a book about it called “Surgery Without Scars™”. You can even read important things you should know about safe plastic surgery.

Dr. Anthony Griffin is known for the artistry he brings to his work, and his keen sense of aesthetic balance. His patients don’t look done, they look naturally refreshed, thinner, smoother, fuller, fresher and younger.

Feel free to take a look around. We hope you will find the information you seek, and learn something too. And please give us a call at 310.657.8264 to schedule a consultation where we will discuss your needs. We look forward to meeting you.