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Surgery Without Scars Book

In his new book, “Surgery Without Scars”, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Griffin, tackles the most often asked questions and their answers to help relieve the typical worries men and women considering plastic surgery encounter. Surgery without scars refers not only to the physical scar, but the emotional scarring that often follows plastic surgery. For multi-ethnic patients, plastic surgery can be even
more complex than it normally has to be.

I have dark skin, can I have surgery too?

What about the scars? How can we prevent them?

When will I be able to go back to work?

I want to look better, but will I still look like myself?

If I have a tummy tuck, what happens if I get pregnant afterwards?

These and easily intelligible descriptions and detailed illustrations of breast augmentations, breast lifting, breast reduction, liposuction, the six-pack tummy tucktm, the Brazilian butt lifttm, nose jobs, brow lifts, eyelid rejuvenation, facial resurfacing and face lifts are all addressed in Dr. Griffin’s book. In a language we all can understand.

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