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Federal Judge Cracks Down on Injectable Skin Whitening Products

Important Article originally published on If you haven’t heard of injectable skin lightening, it might be because the controversial treatment just recently come into the limelight as a trending procedure in the U.S. While it’s been popular in other countries around the world, demand stateside has recently grown, prompting the Food and Drug Administration to issue an advisory on injectable…. read more

Breast Augmentation FAQs

What is breast augmentation? It is a surgical procedure to enhance the size of the breasts, restore volume, improve balance, and/or achieve a more pleasing shape, projection or symmetry; and to enhance your self-image and self-confidence. It can be accomplished with implants. Implants may also be placed for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. What is the…. read more

Information About Breast Implant – Associated Lymphoma

What do we know? In recent years, concerns have been raised about the risk of a rare cancer that has been potentially associated with certain types of breast implants. It’s called Breast Implant – Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). The Food and Drug Administration has been monitoring the situation. In 2016, the World Health…. read more

Dr. Griffin Blog: Liposuction FAQs

Who is a good candidate for Liposuction? People with localized fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise, who are in good health, at a healthy weight and have skin that is firm and elastic are good candidates Does liposuction improve cellulite? Some patients report improvement in the appearance of cellulite, but some…. read more

Dr. Anthony Griffin’s website gets an Extreme Makeover!

Dr. Anthony Griffin, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, invites you to check out his new website, We have given our website an extreme makeover! Yes, that is a pun since Dr. Griffin was an Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgeon. The fact is that everything ages including website information and appearance. We wanted our website to…. read more

Summer Skincare

Don’t hide in the shade all summer, get sun savvy and protect your skin while enjoying some of the best weather of the year.   Here’s the facts on UVA, UVB and SPF: UVA and UVB are potentially harmful rays emitted in sunlight which can damage the skin and cause premature aging and skin cancer.  UVB…. read more